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Embrace your uniqueness and soar!


Real. Raw. And nakked! I was decived!!!

This time in 2015, I made a huge life-changing decision. It was not made lightly but covered with much prayer, tears and questions. No one …I mean NO one…knew what I was dealing with behind closed doors in my marriage. I was so very scared! Terrified, in fact! I had no idea what I’d do or where I’d go. Actually, I was homeless for several months. Oh, I had a safe place to live, which I am forever grateful for, yet I did not have my own home!

I have tried to not go into a lot of details about my previous marriage for several reasons.

One of those is I don’t believe in bashing or trash-talking anyone else, even if it’s a former partner and if there were soul-searing issues! However, there comes a time when the truth must be told.

The second reason I dared not share my truth from those years was that, for the longest time, I felt this deep guilt, shame and condemnation! (I can hear my friend Kathy telling me firmly, ‘Now, where does that come from? You know it surely doesn’t come from the Lord!) She’s right! I mean, when I did make the choice to leave, I found who my real friends were and let me tell ya, they were few and far between!

Oh, I had many ‘friends’ coming out of the woodwork, so to speak, telling me what a godless decision I’d made and how I’d be punished. Yes, I was actually told that!!

Wisdom Nugget:

Please don’t spout scriptures or your belief of scripture if you do NOT have true knowledge of what happened! You are NOT a mind reader. You have NO idea what that person has lived through! When you pounce on someone acting ‘holier than thou,’ you’re only hurting yourself!

This morning I gained a major revelation. I was going through pictures from the summer of 2015. The before and after!

Me bout a week after I left. My sweet daughter-in-law took me to get my hair done completely differently. I had worn it long and dyed a funky blond color. I like this picture greatly!!
When I moved back home, which I swore I never would because there had been a lot of pain at home, I stayed with family members. They welcomed me with open arms. I gained a lot of healing with them in their safe place and I will be forever grateful!
This was taken up the road from the safe place I stayed for a short season. Much healing and love lived there!

Before I left, I lived my life in fear…. gut-wrenching fear! There was much abuse though not physical or sexual. There was a tremendous amount of financial and psychological abuse!

I should never have married this man, but I did. Mainly because I thought I was ‘helping’ God to direct my future instead of relying on Him to direct my path. What I was doing was being deceived! I believed a lie. I was reenacting a pattern in my life. I encourage you to examine repeated patterns. There’s great truth in them if you’ll just look!

Do I have regrets?

Yes, I do!

I hear various arguments about having regrets! Yet, I do. That’s my truth for right now. I regret that I did not listen to wise counsel telling me not to marry a man I’d met online! How foolish I was! You truly can not get to know someone long distance! It’s just not possible! You must develop a long-term trusting relationship face-to-face, and then not everything is always revealed! I was wrong!

I regret disobeying my Heavenly Father. Yet, I am oh, so grateful for His forgiveness, His love, and His mercy!!

There are regrets that still hurt my soul and my heart, yet I know my Abba is healing me deeply!

I’ve repented to Him for my flippant behavior! I pray often to be able to completely forgive those who hurt me. Healing is messy and can take time.

I also pray for God to forgive me for hurting anyone during that season! None of us are perfect and sometimes, I feel so far from that! We all can play a part in someone else’s pain.

As time moves forward, I pray for His leading and continued healing. And that as time allows, I will know when and where to share that part of my story. I also will NOT live in any more fear, guilt, or condemnation!! All that comes from the enemy of my soul!

I now ask Him to help me to forgive myself for being deceived, for making life-altering decisions that not only affected me but many more! And to restore that which was stolen from me during that season!

I will cling to Him to bring even more healing and freedom in my life!

I now choose on purpose to listen for His voice directing me this way or that! I can’t do this thing called life on my own, but with Him, all things are possible!

If you have experienced any season of deception, I am praying for you!

There is HOPE!!

There is healing available!

And there is freedom and peace!

Feel free to reach out at: pamelajwoodall@yahoo.com or leave a comment below!

I’d love to hear your story!

Fear is a liar!!

Have a beautiful day!

This is me today!!

Happy with my beloved and deeply in love!
And loving life!!

The joy of the Lord is my strength!

Egypt: In or Out?

Have you left Egypt?

Have you felt led out of your Egypt?

Did you leave willingly or were you forced out?

Much like the children of Israel, we all have our Egypt we’ll need to eventually leave. Well, that is, if we truly want and desire to become that which our Heavenly Father has destined us to become.

We can NOT stay in our Egypt and do what He’s called us to do!
Nor, can we expect to be completely victorious if we allow any bit of Egypt to remain within us!

What is an Egypt?

For the children of Israel, they were being held in captivity, in bondage, having to work for another. They were forced into slave labor. They had no choice. They had no control over their daily lives.

During the 400 years they were held captive they acquired the taste for the false gods, the delicious food, and sadly, the very fact that even though they were in bondage, they grew used to someone leading them around by the nose, so to speak. It’s amazing what we allow ourselves to become used to, to become familiar with, even when it isn’t good for us.

** Have you allowed that which is not healthy for you to become familiar?**

Many times when we find ourselves in Egypt, we probably should look at past patterns and circumstances surrounding our situations. We can be our own worst enemy! Our bad decisions can easily lock us into an Egypt experience that we surely do not wanta be in. Have a gander back over your life to see if there might be one or more Egypt experiences.

One of my own Egypt experiences was not learning from past mistakes, repenting, and then changing the trajectory of my course to reach my destiny sooner. No, I had to do my own thing! I had to have it my way! I believed I needed what was familiar. The unknown scared me silly! And that was a contributing factor to my downfall….even if temporary.

I’m now in a season of examining the patterns of my life, especially those that have caused pain, setbacks and failure. I do not wanta repeat them any longer. I desire to develop new and lasting patterns that will propel me forward!

I believe I have left my Egypt. Meaning the lifestyle I lived previously, the choices I used to make, and how I made decisions based on emotion instead of what He wanted of me are all now changing with a deeper desire to please my Abba.

However, I’m now growing aware of wondering just how much of Egypt is still in me!

Sometimes I wonder just how constipated we can become!

Maybe I need a good dose of spiritual detox, a good spring tonic to cleanse my soul!

Photo by WARREN BLAKE on Pexels.com

I need to become even more aware of those things that are familiar that would draw me back to Egypt.
I need to change my way of thinking to focus more on the positive, the blessings.
I need to learn to view my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit instead of just a vessel that could be, might be abused again.
I must be willing to learn how to trust Abba with my every step and get me outta the way.
And I must desire to experience the new and wonderful blessings He has for me instead of living in fear and distrust.

Yes! It is now time to get Egypt out of me and embrace the newness of life!

It is possible!

Do you struggle with still having some of Egypt within you?

How are you removing it?

I encourage you to take one step at a time! You can do it! Have faith in Him!

You are a beautiful and unique individual!

Early Morning Blessings

Early morning.
Sun hasn’t yet shone through the clouds.
Flowers blooming.
Intimate time with Abba.
Soul cleansing.

Prayers for a wonderfully blessed day!

Who Hears the Children?

Years ago, I was blessed to have been invited to an elementary school. As I was watching them during their lunchtime then recess I began to ask myself, who hears the children?

Who hears the children when they cry from pain?
Who hears the children when they cry in shame?
Who hears the children?

 Who hears the children when they’re poked and prodded?
Who hears the children in the dark of the night?
Who hears the children when they cry from fright?

 I watch them laughing and talking and running and playing.
So many of them don’t yet know it’s wrong for that shadow of an adult to come creeping into their bed at night.
So many of them don’t yet understand that what they feel will leave a deep scar on their soul if someone doesn’t listen.

 Who hears the children?

 The little one, his shoelaces were untied, and he seemed not to care.
That one over there brought his lunch in a bread sack.
Does anyone hear the children?

 She sits down slowly as if there’s pain.
She’s all alone in a room full of little ones.
Does anyone hear the children?

 It’s a sea of squirming, restless, energy-filled little humans, adults yet to grow from their child state. The noise of clattering trays and scraping chairs on the floor, the loud whispers as they line up to go play.

 That one over there, the little brown-haired girl, keeps her head down and dares to not make eye contact.
Clothes, torn and tattered, faded and too big.
Does anyone hear the children?

 It’s not a crime to wear old, worn-out clothes nor is it a sin.
Yet, then again, who hears the children?

They silently cry out from beneath their child-like faith, trusting and believing someone cares.

 There’s the well-dressed little girl with everything matching just so.
I wonder if she sees shadows at night, God only knows.

The little boy with blond hair and blue eyes, he’s so cute and sweet.
Does anyone know if he has enough to eat?

 My heart aches as if it will shatter to pieces.
What will we do?
Does it really matter?

I know how it feels, to be alone and confused, to be tattered and discarded and used.

Does anyone hear the children?

What are we to do, you and I, to help these children who some, may never even cry?

I do not know, I reply.
Yet I know that only God holds the answer to the children’s cry.

It is evil and wrong to violate, to touch, to prod, and to poke and say too much, leaving scars deeply etched on such a young soul.
Yet I wonder, who hears the children?

 I long to bring peace and safety to every young one on the planet this day but I know that won’t happen in my kind of way. So, I sit here typing these words from my heart and pray with deep meaning that somewhere a spark will ignite a fire for the children we have.

 Not every mom nor every dad has violated the little one they have had for which I praise God. I praise God for the many wonderful moms and dads who love their children and seem even glad to have such a precious gift.

 But again, who hears the children?

 And, who will listen?

Who will act?

House Full of Secrets is my latest nonfiction book. I share details of some of the abuse I survived in my childhood. All my books are available on Amazon. Just type in Pamela Richards-Woodall.

No one deserves to be abused!

Photo by Trinity Kubassek on Pexels.com

Sharing the Good News

Have you ever found yourself so tired and drained you asked God to let you die?

You actually questioned Him what the point of you being alive?

You found yourself plodding through the day aimlessly, meaninglessly?

Oh my friend…been there…done that!

But for me…can’t speak for anyone else …that’s a lie of the enemy!!

I truly believe that it’s his job to bring doubt, defeat and fear! To steal, kill and destroy!

I’ve never in my life seen and sensed so much evil fear! It’s like this fear is a living breathing entity!

>Good News

Fear ..he is a Liar!

If the spirit of fear can get you hooked on watching hours and hours of news and social media, which breeds even more fear, how can you then be happy? You can’t! It’s simply not possible!

That’s much like eating a diet of sugars, carbs and junk food expecting to lose lots of weight!

The good news …you do have a choice!!

I grew up in a house stuffed full of fear!

I experienced horrific child abuse in all it’s ugly forms. I was constantly afraid……afraid of when someone would come sneaking into my bed at night…. afraid I wouldn’t get another meal…. afraid of when my grandma would give me a terribly painful enema… afraid of what man would be waiting on me when I got home from school… afraid….so very afraid!!

But be encouraged….we…you… I do not have to be afraid!!

The Word of God tells me, we don’t have to fear!

For me, I’ve learned it’s a choice!

I am learning daily to not be afraid!


It’s good news!

Fear has tried to drain me but fear is a Liar!

My good news is that I will put my trust in the Lord God Almighty!

I will gain His supernatural strength, discernment and wisdom to accomplish that which He has placed before me. I am His daughter and He loves me so very much!

Unconditional actually!

How cool is that?!?

And He loves you the same!

Will you too receive that good news?

In so doin, may you have deep peace, sweet sleep, health in all areas and divine purpose!

Until next time… massive blessings!

Prayers of Peace

My goodness, we’ve sure got a lot of upheaval within our world right now.

Wars and rumors of wars!

A worldwide sickness that’s created mass confusion and grief!

Pedophiles being called out!

And so much more!

Yet, if you’re a Follower of the Way, then you know we are not doomed!

There is hope!

Yes, it looks bleak!

It seems very scary!

And yes, it can cause widespread panic and unrest.

Then again, isn’t that a strategic tactic of the enemy!?

To cause fear, bloodshed, chaos and more?

If we, who are Followers, know in Whom we hope then all is NOT lost!

Photo by vi Media on Pexels.com

It is my prayer that you have peace in your heart. But if not, then my prayer is that you will soon discover this sweet peace that passes all understanding.

I’d love to hear from you!

Massive blessings!

Where’s a good hot flash when ya need one?

Up until the last year or so I made it through winter fairly well….due in part to the blissful hot flashes I’d have.

Listen, if you’ve ever had one you so understand where I’m coming from!

But now….oh no!! Now…what I’d give for just one good ole hot-flash!

This year in our part of Kentucky we’ve had colder weather and more snow. Or seems so to me. And yes, I do know it could be way worse!

This is a lovely view out our backdoor but it sure is cold!

While typing this, I look out my eastwardly facing window. My eyes scan the snow-covered yard and flower garden. I watch numerous snowbirds flitting about.

We all long for springtime for sure!

How do you deal with the winter’s cold?

I hate winter!

Warning: Enter in but this is a real and raw post with a lot of pain!

I’ve been struggling the past two days and wasn’t sure why.
I’ve attempted to connect with my inner self to find out what’s going on.
Nope, not feeling sick.
Nope, not overly emotional.

So what in the world is going on?

I’ve learned through counseling to write letters to my former self no matter the life stage or age of that me from years ago.

Today I sat down with my journal and just let the words free flow. Oh wow…

I’ve been on a healing journey with a great deal of grief to process. Freewriting helps me to get in touch with what’s going on deep inside.


We’ve received substantial snowfalls recently back to back with more heading our way this weekend. I didn’t connect that wintery event with my issues until this week. Ugh….

following is a bit of what I’ve written today…..

Please read carefully….

Yesterday and today I’ve found myself struggling really hard. No, I don’t know why.

After writing the following I now better understand what my body had been trying to tell me. Years ago, when I was a little girl, horrible things were done to me. Abuses no one should ever have to endure. ‘But God!’ I did and He has saved me and continues to heal me even my deepest being!

I’ve realized when I turn on my healing path to face a demon from my past, it’s vitally important to reward myself for the hard work. Any form of healing can be hard work!

This afternoon, after a quick run to the store…yes they’re predicting bad weather again….ugh….I will do something fun and creative. I have lots of supplies to begin sewing cute little hearts for Valentine’s Day. Or I may color! Either one is a refreshing change from standing my ground and facing that horror from my past. In so doing, I am choosing to replace the ugly with something beautiful.

No, I can’t change the past pain but I sure can change how I view winter from now on. It may take a bit of reminding myself often that I am now safe and very well-loved and protected! I need never worry again about the little girl within being abused!

I do know…..I HATE WINTER!!

Many years ago when I was but a child, I hated winter!

It had snowed!
A lot!!
Oh, no! No School!
But school is my safe place! What am I gonna do!?!

My little girl’s body was abused….over and over and over!
I was hurt!
And no one cared!

With my little boot-clad feet, I tried ever so hard to scrape the snow off the yard.
If there’s no snow, I can go to school. Oh, the logic of a seven-year-old little girl.

Oh, no! Too much snow!
What am I to do?
It did no good no matter how long I scraped snow.

Oh, that poor little girl!

No One Cared!

Where were You in all Your infinite wisdom and glory, seated upon Your comfy, warm throne?
I was all alone!!

Alone with the pain!
Alone with the shame!


Oh, it hurts so badly!

And yet, no one cared!

What a good little girl you are“, they said.

No One Cared!

I hate the snow!
I hate the winter!
I hate the pain!
I hate you!

No One cared!

Why didn’t someone, anyone care?

Can you help me?
Won’t you please?

I hate the winter!

She tried so hard to be so brave.
The things they did to her.
They plowed her secret place with painful devices.
It hurt!

I hate the winter!
I weep for her, the lost little one!

No one cared!

View out our backdoor.

I am a long way in time from that little girl, yet she still resides within my being.
I will do her honor and justice by acknowledging all the pain she endured.
I will make sure her voice is heard!
I will respect her enough to hold my head up and say, yes she/I was abused and survived!
I will honor her pain and suffering by doing my very best to heal deep within to radiate that healing outward!
I will rise up out of the ashes others heaped upon my little girl’s head to become the woman warrior God has destined me to be!

If you have suffered any form of abuse I pray you too will be able to gain that necessary healing.

I will listen to you!

Pray for Kentucky, USA

Last night, December 10th, western Kentucky was hit hard with a powerful tornado. There has been much property damage as well as lives lost.

Many across our great state need prayers!

This is Mayyfield, Kentucky. A tornado ravaged much of the area Dec. 10, 2021.
Image: David Sparks

I’m tired! I can’t adult today!

This is raw right here!

Physically I’m tired.

I’ve had to go off my supplements for my thyroid for almost a month so I can have new blood work done today. I pray for good results. At least I am hoping to gain more knowledge on what’s going on so I can discover a new healthier path.

Emotionally I’m tired.

I know I’m still in the mourning process. Having lost both parents, my sweet mother-in-love (law) within 23 months as well as 7 other close friends or family, my heart hurts! I miss these amazing people!

I know there’s a process to mourning and I’m trying ever so hard to walk that out yet, I’m tired!

Mentally I’m tired.

I believe a lot of this is due in part to my thyroid being off-kilter right now. Once I get my levels corrected I’ll begin to feel better. Or that’s my hope!

How do you deal with life when you’re tired?

Do you retreat?

Do you confront?

Do you hide under the covers till the feeling passes?

Do you call out to Abba God for help?

Just for today….

>I will be grateful for a new, sunny day.
>I will drink my water…helps plump up my veins and I hate being stuck all over for blood work.
>I will be kind to myself.
>I will borrow strength from my beloved husband to carry on.
>I will remind myself this too shall pass.
>I will stay focused and breathe deeply.
>I will survive today!

What will you do just for today?