Verbal Pollution &          The Blame Game

There is so much verbal pollution nowadays! It seems to be everywhere, well almost everywhere. Yelling ! Fighting! Protesting! Blaming! Yet no one seems willing to sit down and take the time to listen.

What might happen if we truly decided to stop talkin and ask our fellow human how he or she was doing, how they were feeling?

Maybe that’s why we have two ears and one mouth: To listen more than we talk!
Wow what a concept!

Another thought: Why does it seem that the majority of folks are givin the media so much power? Have we forgotten to turn it off? Who said we ‘have’to listen and believe everything they say?

Have we as a society, as individuals, decided the media/ internet knows what’s best for us? Are we like sheep, being conditioned to acceptance of the foreseeable slaughter? I truly hope not!

Have you noticed that over the past 12-18 months news people have begun to use voice persuasion to get you to “Come here and look at this”? Because if you miss this gastly news clip of some horrible scene you’ll not be informed! And of course the media knows what’s best for you, right!?!

Who controls the media?

Why are we giving our power away to those we don’t even know? Do these people pay your monthly bills? Then why do you listen so intently to them daily to what they say? Then you get all worked up because you don’t agree?

Have we as a society simply out bred common sense?

Why does it seem so many of us believe we must take our required dose of depressing, hate filled, fear based news daily!

Why? What is it producing? More of the same because like produces like kind!

Just turn it off!

Maybe, just maybe, we can turn things around by sharing good news, by paying the positive forward, by sharing a smile, by choosing to encourage those around us. It takes less energy to be kind then it does to produce hatefulness.

We seem to wanta blame everyone else for our situation rather than taking responsibility ourself! What one thing are you doing to bring about healthy change? Or are you just grumbling and complaining?

It amazes me how so many blame our president for many situations in our country and even around the world. Do folks not realize the president’s seat is a position that is controlled by many? This position is not merely one man operating his own personal agenda! He has many ‘advisors’ both here and around the world.

I do believe we are to pray for our president and all leaders. Maybe if we all prayed as often as we grumble and complain about him and other leaders we’d truly see greater healthy change.

I am gravely concerned for our next generation yet I refuse to give up on them and live in fear! Yep, Jesus is coming back one day, maybe sooner than most expect, but until then, I will continue to love others…..and nope, I don’t tolerate just anything either. …not supposed to….I can love you but I do not have to agree with you!

Blind tolerance is not smart. You do have common sense. Tap into that. Listen to that still small voice. Chose to do what’s right. Follow truth. Be kind on purpose. Share a smile. Listen more, speak less. Know you are profoundly loved.

We are not in this world alone. Engage with others. Put your phone down and look around. It is still a beautiful place to be!

One day we all will answer for our own decisions. I’m so very thankful for His amazing grace!

Choose on purpose to be a light in a dark world. Share a smile. Extend a helping hand. Determine to make a difference. Set a great example. Be kind. 


By pamelarichardswoodall

Wife to my amazing soulmate, author, visionary, business owner, enjoying life adventures, a survivor of many forms of abuse.

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