Daily Prompt: Study

via Daily Prompt: Study


I sit and study on the past, rehearsing the many ways his words cut bleeding, tiny ribbons on the flesh of my soul forgetting that I am living in the here and now. Prepare! I must prepare for any condition, situation …always be prepared! It’s not just a motto! But soon the day dawns when I realize my soul is so very tired and weary. Weary of the past decisions and arrows that pierced me so deeply with his precision trajectory! Today though, I can study on the Word and refocus instead of the small rear view mirror directing me to my past but rather towards the massive expanse of the windshield in front of me. Oh my! So much wide open space in which I can now study all that is laid out before me! And now, oh goodness, I see the glistening of a million diamond points laid out over the freshly fallen snow as the never failing sun beams down its goodness and mercy. I can see the tall stately pines just past my drive as if they are standing like silent ones guarding my safe place. Then I study the quietness I begin to hear inside and I am pleased. Having changed my perspective I am now able to study that which is before me instead of that which has already gone before me and most having already died.

By pamelarichardswoodall

Wife to my amazing soulmate, author, visionary, business owner, enjoying life adventures, a survivor of many forms of abuse.

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