These are all part of an individual’s life plan. They are part of an essential plan to enable us to navigate through the smooth as well as the rapids of life.

The Word tells us in Habakah 2:2, ‘Write the vision down’!

Personally I like making my to-do list, writing out my goals for it helps me stay on track. I’m the kinda person who can quickly become distracted with this thought or that interest but when I have my list to help keep me on track I’m so much more productive.

So I….

1. Write out my goal

I’ll write out what I believe the final goal may look like. (One can never truly know exactly how it’ll end up cause we aren’t all knowing.)

2. Write out bite size steps to achieve my goal

How do you eat an elephant?

Well certainly not whole!

Writing out manageable steps helps me to reach my goal more successfully!

3. Celebrate when goal is achieved

It’s so important to reward yourself when a goal is reached….even when small goals are met. We all need encouragement!

4. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

This is vitally important! And one I must often remind myself of. Don’t take on more than you know you can do and do well!