Cold Winter Memories: #mentalhealthmatters

It snowed here last night. Oh, not much! Just a skiff or as a reporter for our local paper has been known to say, “Just a rabbit tracker!” Well, maybe so but I aint gettin’ out there trackin anything!

Baby, it’s cold outside!

For some reason seeing the snow and listening to the wind blowing has stirred up memories of my grandmother. During those cold months, she and my mother would get up while I was still sleeping. Most usually mom would put on her winter clothes and boots to head outside in the bitter cold to care for our goats and chickens.

She had to carry buckets of freshly drawn water up from the ole hand dug well down to the goat house and then chicken house which were pretty far apart. And they all had to be fed. Plus the dogs and cats needed cared for!

While she was doing that I’d hear grandma shaking the ashes down in the old Warm Morning stove that sat in the middle of the living room floor. She’d get the fire a goin making the house warmer.

I can remember waking up while one of them was a cookin’ breakfast listening to the sounds of old country music being played on the orange radio that sat on top of the refrigerator. Porter Wagner, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Charlie Pride, Ferlin Huskey and many more greats now gone on.

I’d eventually crawl out from under the heavy hand made quilts and quickly get dressed for school. Course if it were a snow day I could get up whenever I woke up.

I don’t have a lot of good childhood memories but this morning has stirred up a lot of good ones for some reason!

Makes me wanta get my sewing

machine out and make some Christmas gifts or do some baking or scrapbooking.

Does the cold, snowy weather bring up good memories for you?

What are some favorite things you enjoy doing on a cold snowy day?

No matter what you maybe doing I do pray your day is a good one!

By pamelarichardswoodall

Wife to my amazing soulmate, author, visionary, business owner, enjoying life adventures, a survivor of many forms of abuse.

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