I’m tired! I can’t adult today!

This is raw right here!

Physically I’m tired.

I’ve had to go off my supplements for my thyroid for almost a month so I can have new blood work done today. I pray for good results. At least I am hoping to gain more knowledge on what’s going on so I can discover a new healthier path.

Emotionally I’m tired.

I know I’m still in the mourning process. Having lost both parents, my sweet mother-in-love (law) within 23 months as well as 7 other close friends or family, my heart hurts! I miss these amazing people!

I know there’s a process to mourning and I’m trying ever so hard to walk that out yet, I’m tired!

Mentally I’m tired.

I believe a lot of this is due in part to my thyroid being off-kilter right now. Once I get my levels corrected I’ll begin to feel better. Or that’s my hope!

How do you deal with life when you’re tired?

Do you retreat?

Do you confront?

Do you hide under the covers till the feeling passes?

Do you call out to Abba God for help?

Just for today….

>I will be grateful for a new, sunny day.
>I will drink my water…helps plump up my veins and I hate being stuck all over for blood work.
>I will be kind to myself.
>I will borrow strength from my beloved husband to carry on.
>I will remind myself this too shall pass.
>I will stay focused and breathe deeply.
>I will survive today!

What will you do just for today?

By pamelarichardswoodall

Wife to my amazing soulmate, author, visionary, business owner, enjoying life adventures, a survivor of many forms of abuse.

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