Prayers of Peace

My goodness, we’ve sure got a lot of upheaval within our world right now.

Wars and rumors of wars!

A worldwide sickness that’s created mass confusion and grief!

Pedophiles being called out!

And so much more!

Yet, if you’re a Follower of the Way, then you know we are not doomed!

There is hope!

Yes, it looks bleak!

It seems very scary!

And yes, it can cause widespread panic and unrest.

Then again, isn’t that a strategic tactic of the enemy!?

To cause fear, bloodshed, chaos and more?

If we, who are Followers, know in Whom we hope then all is NOT lost!

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It is my prayer that you have peace in your heart. But if not, then my prayer is that you will soon discover this sweet peace that passes all understanding.

I’d love to hear from you!

Massive blessings!

By pamelarichardswoodall

Wife to my amazing soulmate, author, visionary, business owner, enjoying life adventures, a survivor of many forms of abuse.

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