Sharing the Good News

Have you ever found yourself so tired and drained you asked God to let you die?

You actually questioned Him what the point of you being alive?

You found yourself plodding through the day aimlessly, meaninglessly?

Oh my friend…been there…done that!

But for me…can’t speak for anyone else …that’s a lie of the enemy!!

I truly believe that it’s his job to bring doubt, defeat and fear! To steal, kill and destroy!

I’ve never in my life seen and sensed so much evil fear! It’s like this fear is a living breathing entity!

>Good News

Fear ..he is a Liar!

If the spirit of fear can get you hooked on watching hours and hours of news and social media, which breeds even more fear, how can you then be happy? You can’t! It’s simply not possible!

That’s much like eating a diet of sugars, carbs and junk food expecting to lose lots of weight!

The good news …you do have a choice!!

I grew up in a house stuffed full of fear!

I experienced horrific child abuse in all it’s ugly forms. I was constantly afraid……afraid of when someone would come sneaking into my bed at night…. afraid I wouldn’t get another meal…. afraid of when my grandma would give me a terribly painful enema… afraid of what man would be waiting on me when I got home from school… afraid….so very afraid!!

But be encouraged….we…you… I do not have to be afraid!!

The Word of God tells me, we don’t have to fear!

For me, I’ve learned it’s a choice!

I am learning daily to not be afraid!


It’s good news!

Fear has tried to drain me but fear is a Liar!

My good news is that I will put my trust in the Lord God Almighty!

I will gain His supernatural strength, discernment and wisdom to accomplish that which He has placed before me. I am His daughter and He loves me so very much!

Unconditional actually!

How cool is that?!?

And He loves you the same!

Will you too receive that good news?

In so doin, may you have deep peace, sweet sleep, health in all areas and divine purpose!

Until next time… massive blessings!

By pamelarichardswoodall

Wife to my amazing soulmate, author, visionary, business owner, enjoying life adventures, a survivor of many forms of abuse.

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