Egypt: In or Out?

Have you left Egypt?

Have you felt led out of your Egypt?

Did you leave willingly or were you forced out?

Much like the children of Israel, we all have our Egypt we’ll need to eventually leave. Well, that is, if we truly want and desire to become that which our Heavenly Father has destined us to become.

We can NOT stay in our Egypt and do what He’s called us to do!
Nor, can we expect to be completely victorious if we allow any bit of Egypt to remain within us!

What is an Egypt?

For the children of Israel, they were being held in captivity, in bondage, having to work for another. They were forced into slave labor. They had no choice. They had no control over their daily lives.

During the 400 years they were held captive they acquired the taste for the false gods, the delicious food, and sadly, the very fact that even though they were in bondage, they grew used to someone leading them around by the nose, so to speak. It’s amazing what we allow ourselves to become used to, to become familiar with, even when it isn’t good for us.

** Have you allowed that which is not healthy for you to become familiar?**

Many times when we find ourselves in Egypt, we probably should look at past patterns and circumstances surrounding our situations. We can be our own worst enemy! Our bad decisions can easily lock us into an Egypt experience that we surely do not wanta be in. Have a gander back over your life to see if there might be one or more Egypt experiences.

One of my own Egypt experiences was not learning from past mistakes, repenting, and then changing the trajectory of my course to reach my destiny sooner. No, I had to do my own thing! I had to have it my way! I believed I needed what was familiar. The unknown scared me silly! And that was a contributing factor to my downfall….even if temporary.

I’m now in a season of examining the patterns of my life, especially those that have caused pain, setbacks and failure. I do not wanta repeat them any longer. I desire to develop new and lasting patterns that will propel me forward!

I believe I have left my Egypt. Meaning the lifestyle I lived previously, the choices I used to make, and how I made decisions based on emotion instead of what He wanted of me are all now changing with a deeper desire to please my Abba.

However, I’m now growing aware of wondering just how much of Egypt is still in me!

Sometimes I wonder just how constipated we can become!

Maybe I need a good dose of spiritual detox, a good spring tonic to cleanse my soul!

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I need to become even more aware of those things that are familiar that would draw me back to Egypt.
I need to change my way of thinking to focus more on the positive, the blessings.
I need to learn to view my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit instead of just a vessel that could be, might be abused again.
I must be willing to learn how to trust Abba with my every step and get me outta the way.
And I must desire to experience the new and wonderful blessings He has for me instead of living in fear and distrust.

Yes! It is now time to get Egypt out of me and embrace the newness of life!

It is possible!

Do you struggle with still having some of Egypt within you?

How are you removing it?

I encourage you to take one step at a time! You can do it! Have faith in Him!

You are a beautiful and unique individual!

By pamelarichardswoodall

Wife to my amazing soulmate, author, visionary, business owner, enjoying life adventures, a survivor of many forms of abuse.

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