Seasons of Surrender

This morning here in south central Kentucky, USA, it is beautifully sunny. The temperature is still a bit chilly; however, I am so very grateful for a bright and sunny day!

We’ve had winter weather and some spring-like weather, yet it’s not the season of spring yet. We’re still in winter until March. According to the word, seasons come, and seasons go. That does bring me comfort because it means that my current situation will not last forever.

I was folding some clothes earlier when the thought hit me: This is only for a season!

What is the ‘this’?

For me, right now, I’m dealing with some dental issues. Bout three weeks ago, I broke off a back tooth. Now, thankfully there hasn’t been that deep throbbing pain. Just a lot of aggravation because it did cut my tongue, which seems to affect my mental health as well.

Then yesterday, I broke off a front tooth that had a root canal done on it!

Again, no deep throbbing pain, but sure is aggravating! And I feel I look like a ‘snaggle tooth ole hag’! My husband fusses at me when I say things like that. As he probably should cuz I really shouldn’t be talking about myself as such!

So, for me, these dental issues are a season. I’m sure by this time next year, or even before I pray, I’ll have these issues all worked out!

Another season

I’m the Executive Director of Broken Pieces No More Inc. We will be hosting our first awareness and fundraising event on March 4th. I’m finding myself having fits of panic!

Oh my gosh, this isn’t done!

Oh my gosh, that isn’t finished!

Then I remember…surrender!!

I sent out an SOS to my amazing team!

Then I’m reminded of surrender, which for me means rest or peace or even a very practical way of loosening my muscles so I can breathe deeper! Wow….

Surrender equals Trust!

I’m also learning that this surrender thing which I have resisted and fought against all my life: Why? Because for me surrendering meant giving you power to hurt me, and listen friend, I’ve been hurt way more than anyone ever deserves to be hurt!

That’s also a new concept for me!



Who came up with these unbelievable concepts?

And what good would it do for me to engage in them?

I’m not necessarily talking bout trusting people. There’s nowhere in Scripture that tells me to do that. But I am told numerous times to put my trust in God Almighty! He is the only One to save and redeem!

And He has proven Himself faithful to be trusted time and time again in my life.


Just recently, my hubby came home telling me that he was going to have to work second shift. Not good! This was a decision neither one liked at all, yet we resolved to do what was laid out before us. This move would have also decreased his salary. We prayed, asking for God’s favor and wisdom to lead us. I practiced my surrender, knowing God wants to pour out His blessings on us. Now, that didn’t mean I was worry-free cuz I wasn’t. It did mean I was practicing more and more how to trust in Him!

Hubby came home yesterday with wonderful news!

He’d bid on a day job, not expecting to get it!

He got it!!!

There will be NO shift change nor decrease in pay!

God is so good to us, His kids!!

Personal Surrender

I realize that many do not like this word or what it implies! I get that! I, too, used to sit in that camp of disliking this word with a purple passion!

Now I realize my own personal journey into surrender may not benefit anyone else. I hope it does, at least a few nuggets here and there.

Sadly, over the past few months, when I’ve talked with folks, I’m learning that this word, surrender, has left a very bitter taste in many people’s mouths!

Makes me wonder why?

Does Surrender taste bitter?

Have they, have you, experienced negative situations where surrender was involved?

Have we, as a collective group of society, been so hurt, deeply wounded, and troubled in our soul that we refuse to wave the white flag?

Have we witnessed others beaten and battered, either physically or emotionally, with this surrender notion, so we decided long ago, nope! That foolishness is NOT for me!

My prayer is that all who read these humbly written words will somehow gain a fresh revelation and insight into surrender!

I’m personally learning it can be a beautiful thing!

You cannot keep doing the same ole thing expecting better results!

I encourage you to do some reflecting, some self-examination and take inventory of your life right now.

>Are you where you want to be?

>Are you living in peace?

>Does there seem to be stress swirling all around you?

Learn to be kind to you on your new journey!

It is worth the effort!

You’re worth the effort!

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By pamelarichardswoodall

Wife to my amazing soulmate, author, visionary, business owner, enjoying life adventures, a survivor of many forms of abuse.

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