Journey to the Mountain Top

While sitting on the balcony in the Great Smokie Mountains, enjoying my early morning coffee, I had a revelation!

Yesterday as we drove down in the valley where the people were, I observed them walking to and fro, each in their own little world not paying any mind to their extended surroundings. Or so it seemed. Certainly, I never saw not one person look up!

While sitting outside this morning, I was overwhelmed with an image of people scurrying around in the valley frantic, anxious, and worried. Yet, they never paused to look up!

Then my gaze was directed to the tops of the surrounding mountains. Nothing! Very few houses or structures sat on the tree-covered tops.

I heard/sensed how we humans are so content to stay in our own little world (in our own valley), minding our own business and not daring to get involved with another because we don’t want to offend anyone!! We are more content to tolerate it!

We pretend everything is ok yet, yet we know deep within, there is a massive stirring going on!

And still, yet, we do not look unto the hills or mountains from where our help comes from!!

And where does that help come from??

What I sensed is that there are very few Followers of the Way there on the mountaintop!


Because it’s hard to climb up to the top!

Because we must sacrifice in order to make it to the top!

Because it’s challenging to maintain in His presence and stay on top!

Because many times we get swept up in what we want, what our flesh wants, so we stay in the valley!

Now one thing Poppa’s taught me is that there’s a lot of fertilizer down in the valleys. When the rains come it often washes the nutrients down the side of the mountain to the valley.

However, I do not believe we’re to remain in the valley! I believe we will have seasons of training in the valleys yet, I don’t believe we’re to stay there!

Oh, it’s easy to do so!

So Poppa, why have You shown me this?

I believe He did so early this morning when darkness was being chased away by the (Son) sun, as a view of truth!

I believe it was a personal message as well as one to share for whosoever will hear and receive.

There isn’t anything wrong in us walking through the valley. Let us continue to look unto the mountains where our help comes from!

However, I believe now is the time to examine ourselves seeking Abbas’s truth… sometimes I just don’t wanta see that…yet I know it’s necessary for my growth in Him!

I believe we are at a pivotal point in our individual life as well as history where we must be willing to make a decision!

Will I stay here, down in the valley with all the other folks running to and fro, having a happy-looking life?

Or will I pass through this valley making my way to that mountain top?

It won’t be easy!

I’ll probably be made fun of and laughed at!

I’ll more than likely stumble and fall numerous times!

But where do I wanta be?

Where am I drawing strength from?

Is it from those around me with my flesh being fed?

Or am I drawing my strength from the One who created those incredible mountains??

It often amazes me in that Poppa gave us the gift of free will!

You see, He lets us choose! Oh, He longs to hang out with us! He wants to hear us call out to Him, to communicate with Him, to share our heart with Him!

However, He doesn’t force us at all!!

What will you choose??

By pamelarichardswoodall

Wife to my amazing soulmate, author, visionary, business owner, enjoying life adventures, a survivor of many forms of abuse.

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