Taking a Journey

We’re all on a journey!

Whether it be just for this day from getting up this morning to laying down tonight, to beginning our daily routine to stopping at the end of the day to rest. It can also be a longer journey as in going to college to complete that degree you’ve been seeking. Or planning your next vacation to experience the wilds of Africa or the ruggedness of Scotland.

No matter what or where or when we are all on a journey!

Photo by Dan Gold on Pexels.com

Your journey, my journey, began the very second dad’s sperm and mom’s egg collided!!

At that exact moment, your own specific God-given identity became a reality! Oh, it wasn’t fully realized yet; however, the beginning of it began right then and there! And truthfully, maybe you haven’t really experienced that to the fullest extent yet! I assure you, it is there! Don’t give up!

In today’s world, so many are struggling with their God-given identity! I personally believe it’s the enemy, the devil, satan himself, who comes to kill, steal and destroy that is responsible for all the confusion! (John 10:10)

That’s his job but did you realize we can render him unemployed?

He is defeated!

Actually, Jesus defeated him over 2000 years ago on the cross!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I believe one way we render the enemy helpless, null and void, to no effect, is to stop believing his lies! The truth is not in him. Actually, the Word of God says that the devil is the father of all lies! (John 8:44)

You have a choice, a free gift from your Heavenly Father, (Deuteronomy 30:19) either to choose death or life. And He gives us the answer: Choose life!!

How cool is that! It’s like taking a test knowing the answers!

To be given a test by our Heavenly Father as well as receive the answer in advance!

I have just this past weekend, realized that I’ve been placed on a specific journey. One where I am seeking His guidance, and His grace as I discover my own identity! I know I’m His daughter! (Ephesians 1:4-5 The Passion Translation)

From the movie series, Chosen
The woman at the Well with Jesus

What I know I need to learn is my identity in Him!
What He has had planned for me to fulfill from the beginning of my time!
What’s written in my book in Heaven!

I grew up in a very dark, abusive house! I write about my childhood in the book listed below available on Amazon. It starts out pretty rough but ends up great! The ending is all due to my relationship with Jesus!

In those early years of being groomed, I was taught how to please people! I now realize ongoing people-pleasing, at least for me, is a direct reaction to the trauma I experienced as a child. That is a great place for my Poppa God to lend His amazing grace and healing! I am excited to experience this in an even deeper way!

This new journey I’m on is only four days old. Isn’t it intriguing that it began on the first day of a brand-new month!?


That’s my word for this journey!

What do you believe authentic means?

I am getting ready to discover who my authentic self really is!

Do you know who you really are?

We can learn together!

I’m on a journey to discover my true, authentic God-given identity!

Join me!

Feel free to drop a line here or reach out at pamelajwoodall@pamelarichardswoodall

By pamelarichardswoodall

Wife to my amazing soulmate, author, visionary, business owner, enjoying life adventures, a survivor of many forms of abuse.

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