I never really know how to address this particular topic: About!
About me!
That’s what you wanta know right?!
I would. If I were to follow a blogger I’d wanta know a little bout what makes him or her tick.

Chocolate! Oh now that can get me going real quick…or a hot mug of coffee early in the morning sitting out on our deck overlooking the valley down below us. Ah, yes. Now that is a way to greet the new day!

And injustice! That really gets my blood boiling. Any form of abuse towards children, women, men even animals…..pretty much all of it. Not good at all!

I’m finally learning to accept who I am and know I’m a really cool person. Oh others may not think so but I do and that’s okay.

I’m wife to the most amazing, wonderful, adventurous, loving, beloved you ever imagined. Yes he does have his flaws but man, oh how he loves me! And stands right beside me and encourages me and calls me up quick when I’ve spoken bad against myself and supports me greatly! You see, he is my soulmate and my forever lover and best friend!

I’m mom to a great son who grew up way too fast and whom I miss daily. He and his family live many miles away so I’m not able to daily enjoy his company nor that of his sweet wife and our incredible grandbabies who are also growing up too fast! Grandbabies totally rock!!

I am an author and writing is important to me for self expression. I’m submitting a book soon and working on book #2 in the Secret series. My husband and I are writing a book on ‘Soulmates’ telling our story. It is amazing!! We formed our own publishing company for we know we’re looking at maybe a dozen more books to write. Super excited!

I am me! A #Warriorrisingup ! A thriver over the most horrific child abuse. I am determined to be all that I’m able to become spirit, soul and body. I make mistakes, yet get right back up…well after a day of processing and go at it again.

I hate drama in any form and am learning that drama is like two ticks and no dog…it’ll suck the very life right out of ya if you allow it to! #dramanomore

I am a visionary and an encourager. I so love to see folks succeed and discover truths about him or herself!

I owe my life to Jesus! I am not ashamed of my relationship…NOT religion…with Him! Without Him I would not be alive to day or I’d be in an insane asylum.

 I am also a #voiceforthevoiceless for those who are not yet able or ready to speak of their experiences. No one should ever have to suffer abuse!