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Pamela began writing as a young child, around nine years old. She realized that writing about the traumas of life helped with her healing process; although at that time she didn’t comprehend the help it actually was for her. She just knew she liked writing bout as much as she did reading. And she read daily!

Pamela and her husband, Gary, have formed their own publishing company. You may reach out to either of them for more information at The publishing website will soon be live.

Please let Pamela know if you have any questions on her books. Also if you have any topics you’d like to see her write about.

You may find her books on Amazon. Or if you’d like a personalized copy feel free to reach out to her on this website for purchasing opportunites.

Secrets in the Hollers

A story of hope

Many times life throws unspeakable situations at us we must learn how to overcome or forever be sucked down into the muck and mire. Kenzy Grace knew those situations first hand! She had looked into the eyes of evil many times and finally walked away, not necessairly unharmed but more determined than ever that she would not fall as another victim!

Follow Kenzy from her home in eastern Kentucky as she grows up from little ‘Gracie’, as she was then called, into an amazing woman who faces many challenges seeking to discover the innocent child that had been stolen so very long ago.

Kenzy dares to turn hopelessness into hope sharing her story so that she is able to make a difference in the lives of others.

But will the ‘red hot’ evil win in the end?

Or will Kenzy stand firm in her victory?

Cost: $16.95

Secrets Exposed

Hope continues

In book two of this Secret series, Kenzy’s reconnection with her sisters and their father brings a new level of exposed secrets. Do they press charges against him or not.

Momma contacts Randy, Kenzy’s first husband, to join forces with Alex thinking they will help the dark side do away with Kenzy.

Thomas, kenzy’s son, discovers his mother not once but twice after she’d been kidnapped by his father, Randy. However he’s too late to find her when both Alex and Randy hold her captive.

What will happen to Alex and Randy? Will Thomas be able to rescue his momma again or is he too late? Will there be someone to offer Kenzy hope after so many secrets have been exposed?

Kenzy must draw upon more hope and faith than ever before to overcome these battled laid out before her.

Cost: $16.50

Finding Hope After Abortion

A true story of finding hope after the tragedy of abortion in honoring Mary Grace and James Andrew.

This is a true story of how the author was forced to have two abortions during her teen years. Her first one occurred after a rape. The second was from a teenage love relationship. She wanted neither abortion but was forced to endure each by her dysfunctional mother.

There is no judgement intended in this book for any woman who has experienced an abortion.

Pamela offers hope to heal those gaping wounds from the effects of such action.

Cost: $10.50

My Truth Behind the Secrets

This book is non-fiction written to share those awful secrets we as victims of child abuse are often forced to keep! No child should ever have to experience what the author did.

‘It shouldn’t have to hurt to live in a family.’

*Soon to be released! Check back for updates!

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