I don’t wanta surrender!

For most of my life I have hated the thought of surrender! Even hated the word!! What? Nu-huh….I don’t think so! No way would I ever surrender to anyone! Just not gonna happen! Why? Because after years of abuse from near birth to recent adulthood, I refused to surrender!In my childhood I suffered horrific abuse:… Continue reading I don’t wanta surrender!

Sittin’ with Grief

I’m sitting here in my office at home, looking out my window that faces east. The sun is illuminating the hill in front of me with its beautiful glow. As I’ve begun my day, I’ve found myself being angry and then wanting to burst out into toe-nail-jerking sobbing! Why? What’s wrong with you? I ask… Continue reading Sittin’ with Grief

Grief is Necessary

These are the days of passing from one life into another. Yesterday I found out that a wonderful godly woman passed! She was the last of those I considered my spiritual parent. She taught me so much about being a godly woman. She’s also a family member though I wasn’t raised knowing that. I discovered… Continue reading Grief is Necessary

Winter Storm Blues

Stuck inside today! Freezing temperatures outside. Right now, it’s a whole 0, zero! Not sure about the wind chill, but it’s terribly cold! So, I chose to be productive in other ways. I’ve been working to finish book 3 in my Secret series, Secrets Revealed. I’ve also started on book 4, Secrets Unraveled, but I… Continue reading Winter Storm Blues

Four Ways of Learning to Be

I Corinthians 15:57 But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Yesterday, here in the US, we celebrated Thanksgiving. The holidays have become very hard for me as my parents and my sweet mother-in-love have passed. Even so, I’m learning to sit with my pain of missing them… Continue reading Four Ways of Learning to Be

Real and Raw and Forgiveness

G’mornin to ya this Monday! I pray all is well with you. Hopefully you had a restful, recharging weekend. But if not, I pray that for you today! My weekend was productive! My beloved and I did a lot of yard work Saturday. This was also his 65th birthday! I am so happy and blessed… Continue reading Real and Raw and Forgiveness

Happiest of Friday’s to ya

It’s Friday! Many folks get all excited bout that, probably cuz the weekend is now in sight. For me, since I work from home, it all sometimes runs together! Here, today, it’s beautiful! Bright and sunny with very little breeze and low sixties. There are still lots of colorful leaves hanging on the trees to… Continue reading Happiest of Friday’s to ya

Forgive and Let Go

My day’s started out well. Have soup beans cooking in the crock pot. Have a meeting today, finishing up the information for it. I have some encouraging teaching playing to fill the atmosphere of our home with His goodness and mercy! This morning I happen…or did I?….to find teaching on who He says I am!… Continue reading Forgive and Let Go