‘Finding Hope After Abortion’

Sometimes writing a particular book can be very challenging as it was with this one! Over the years whenever I’d teach or speak I rarely, if ever, shared about this traumatic event in my life. Why? Because it was far too personal and deeply painful. You see, talking about the destruction of two of my… Continue reading ‘Finding Hope After Abortion’

Healing Troubling Teen Years

Often when I’m in a serious house-cleaning mood, I’ll throw on some ole time rock n roll. Bob Seger hit the floor this morning while I’ve been attackin’ the house. Soon I find myself getting unusually emotional. Humm….’well, that’s strange, I thought! During a short break, I begin to examine these emotions, which are accompanied… Continue reading Healing Troubling Teen Years

Every Life Is Valuable: Finding Hope After Abortion… my latest book

What a lovely Friday we’re having where I’m at! Sun is brightly shinning and reflecting off the snow covered grass. I do hope you’re having a wonderful day. I wanted to pop by and share with you my latest book, Finding Hope After Abortion. I gotta tell ya, this was the hardest book I’ve written… Continue reading Every Life Is Valuable: Finding Hope After Abortion… my latest book

#rape #abortion Now #secretsnomore

Triggers: rape, abortion and child abuse We all have secrets. I’ve learned if those secrets aren’t told, if they’re not allowed to be released then our body and mind will become infected! It’s been proven that many of our physical issues can be traced back to our holding onto secrets. Secrets are poison! I recently… Continue reading #rape #abortion Now #secretsnomore