Words. I am listening.

I heard her whisper. A low, soft whisper. Faint. Delicate. Barely able to make out the words. But it was her’s. They were her’s. I wasn’t able to make out her words but they were there. They’d now been released upon the gentle breeze that drifted around me, sensual, sure and steady. I knew thatContinue reading “Words. I am listening.”

Is that me as I peer through the mist?

Today…right now…the rain is beating furiously against the sides of the house…pelting the windows as if somehow trying to break inside. I know it can’t yet for some reason the sheet force of the rain compels my thoughts to a land far away. I can almost see through the mist that rises with the down-fallingContinue reading “Is that me as I peer through the mist?”

#daretodream I am!

Dreams! We all have them! Some of us put ’em in a box and shove them to the back of our mind hoping maybe one day we’ll pursue them. Maybe we’re afraid to dream for fear of failure….or perhaps fear of succeeding! Hummm….  Others of us jump on board with our dreams no matter what.Continue reading “#daretodream I am!”

Sometimes I Wish…

Sometimes I wish I were brave enough to pack up necessary supplies and head out deep into nature and live among the trees and the animals…drink from a cool mountain stream and listen as the trees whispered encouraging words to me. Sometimes I wish I were brave enough to stand on the highest mountain topContinue reading “Sometimes I Wish…”

Secrets in the Hollers, book 1

I #amwriting on Secrets Exposed, part 2 in the Secret series. This series exposes those dirty little secrets that often go on behind closed doors No One wants to really talk about! This series is written as a work of fiction based on a true story….mine! Noone should ever have to live through fear andContinue reading “Secrets in the Hollers, book 1”