Words. I am listening.

I heard her whisper. A low, soft whisper. Faint. Delicate. Barely able to make out the words. But it was her’s. They were her’s. I wasn’t able to make out her words but they were there. They’d now been released upon the gentle breeze that drifted around me, sensual, sure and steady. I knew that… Continue reading Words. I am listening.

Is that me as I peer through the mist?

Today…right now…the rain is beating furiously against the sides of the house…pelting the windows as if somehow trying to break inside. I know it can’t yet for some reason the sheet force of the rain compels my thoughts to a land far away. I can almost see through the mist that rises with the down-falling… Continue reading Is that me as I peer through the mist?

Secrets in the Hollers, book 1

I #amwriting on Secrets Exposed, part 2 in the Secret series. This series exposes those dirty little secrets that often go on behind closed doors No One wants to really talk about! This series is written as a work of fiction based on a true story….mine! Noone should ever have to live through fear and… Continue reading Secrets in the Hollers, book 1