#conorvirus19 and Life Changes

Good day to ya! How are ya doing during this virus scare? Are you working from home? Have you suddenly found yourself a school teacher? Are you experiencing various emotions you hadn’t noticed before? Me too! I’m pretty sure it’s normal! Life  Change I remember back in 2011 at the time when I was living… Continue reading #conorvirus19 and Life Changes

Mystery Woman & #mentalhealth

I met a woman this week…some might say a cowinkidink but I think not for I don’t believe in those. She has haunted my thoughts daily ever since. She and her friend were looking around and popped in my office wanting to know what Broken Pieces No More was! So I quickly spout out my… Continue reading Mystery Woman & #mentalhealth

#mentalhealth and my mother’s death

  In June we placed my mom under Hospice care. She’d developed two large blood clots, one in each lung. There was medicine she could have taken to help reduce those and extend her life but after talking with her, she was adamant that she did not want medicine. Her words, “I’m ready to go… Continue reading #mentalhealth and my mother’s death