Words. I am listening.

I heard her whisper.

A low, soft whisper.



Barely able to make out the words.

But it was her’s. They were her’s.

I wasn’t able to make out her words but they were there.

They’d now been released upon the gentle breeze that drifted around me, sensual, sure and steady. I knew that once released, they would never be drawn back in but rather carried on the fragile wings of the wind.


What are they?

Who owns them?

Is the owner the one who chooses to speak them out loud to be lifted on a gentle breeze?

Or is the owner the one who welcomes those words within the depths of their ears?









Yet her words grabbed my soul with a two fisted grip. They quickly laid claim to my inner being. My marrow tingled at their newness.

Her words smelt like lilacs newly bloomed out with a faint sheen of freshly fallen dew. They embraced my being like warm honeysuckle wrapping around a partially fallen fence post.


Her words.

Truth filled, sorrowful, inspiring words.



Rhythm swaying.

“I’m here!”

I hear her words.


“Release me.”

“It’s nearing the time.”

Words….her words…

     They beckon my soul.

Words have meaning and these words are intense.

I’ve recently begun to hear her words more frequently, calling to me.

She’s been whispering to me for some time but sadly I haven’t been listening until of late.

Her words.

Where will the lead me?

Where will they direct?

I so yearn to know more of her words!

Her words will release the prisoner that I am!






Her words.

Yes! I am listening!

Who You Are!

You are ‘nobody’s’ anything but you are God’s everything!


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When others doubt your abilities, your functions, your dreams….that’s your cue to change the channel, to turn the dial, to tune them out.

You were created for great things!

God doesn’t make junk!

You are beautiful in His eyes! He is watching over you and loves you with an everlasting unconditional love! A love that will never fail! A love that you can not stop Him from loving you no matter what you do! A love, that when you do finally accept it, will cause you to go further than you ever dreamed of!

You are a beautiful creation!

God says Who you are not others!

Who are you listening to?


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Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com