Let us seek the Lord

May we seek our Abba when we are afraid and chose to be like King Jehoshaphat gathering all around us to seek the Lord and fast! And may we draw deep within our being and never forget “the battle does NOT belong to us! The battle belongs to the Lord”!!!! In all we are facing… Continue reading Let us seek the Lord

#griefsucks #mentalhealthmatters

I do not like grief! There…I said it! My mom passed in September 2019 and my daddy died in December 2020. My sweet mother in law, who is more of a momma to me, is in her end of life phase. Of course we never know when that final day will be..yet…we must grieve! I… Continue reading #griefsucks #mentalhealthmatters


I am pleased and excited to announce that my latest book, House Full of Secrets: Human Trafficking and Redemption, is now available in paperback and kindle. Any of my books may be purchased through Amazon. This was a very hard book to write as I shared a great deal of my own personal story. And… Continue reading #secretsnomore

Healing Troubling Teen Years

Often when I’m in a serious house-cleaning mood, I’ll throw on some ole time rock n roll. Bob Seger hit the floor this morning while I’ve been attackin’ the house. Soon I find myself getting unusually emotional. Humm….’well, that’s strange, I thought! During a short break, I begin to examine these emotions, which are accompanied… Continue reading Healing Troubling Teen Years

Christmas Eve and 3 Points of Self Care

Today is Christmas Eve. Today where I live we’re supposed to receive snow. I enjoy a good snow. However, today it is grey and overcast. Sad looking! I am making myself rest making no major decisions. My whole being is tired and drained. I find myself traveling from one point to the other in our… Continue reading Christmas Eve and 3 Points of Self Care

A Call to Action: Who’s Going to Help Save Our Children During the Pandemic?!

If one were to contemplate on the memory very long, I suppose I could surmise that I grew up poor. Although, at the time, I don’t believe I knew we were. As a kid, I think you accept what’s going on around you as normal. At least, I think that’s what I did. Even so,… Continue reading A Call to Action: Who’s Going to Help Save Our Children During the Pandemic?!

‘God husk-ed’ and Wheat Sifting

Do you understand what it means when wheat is sifted?Do you know the process of separating the wheat from the chaff?Do you know what the chaff is? According to an online search: The purpose of sifting wheat is not to destroy it but to remove the chaff – the dust, husks, and impurities. While the sifting process is uncomfortable… Continue reading ‘God husk-ed’ and Wheat Sifting