Journey to the Mountain Top

While sitting on the balcony in the Great Smokie Mountains, enjoying my early morning coffee, I had a revelation! Yesterday as we drove down in the valley where the people were, I observed them walking to and fro, each in their own little world not paying any mind to their extended surroundings. Or so it… Continue reading Journey to the Mountain Top

Purging and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is fast approaching here in the USA. In many areas of our country and worldwide, restrictions are being placed on us for social distancing in preventing the virus spread. In some state’s citizens are being told how many to have within their home. This is NOT a post about the virus nor politics, but… Continue reading Purging and Thanksgiving

Dreams Do Come True! Never Stop Dreaming!

For me, there’s something magical-feeling when I reach a goal, when I reach a milestone! This is a huge one for me! Seeing this book in print and also on Amazon Kindle! Dreams do come true! There’s been a lot of hard work that has gone into this project. It took me almost three years… Continue reading Dreams Do Come True! Never Stop Dreaming!