Not always a Happy Father’s Day for All

Today is Fathers Day and many are celebrating with great memories of kind and loving fathers. And that is awesome! However, not all of us have those sweet memories to fall back on nor a healthy relationship with our father. Sadly there are those of us who have memories of a mean, uncaring father. Experiences… Continue reading Not always a Happy Father’s Day for All

“What will the neighbors think?”

I recently had an opportunity to visit with a friend who’d grown up not far from where I did. We hadn’t seen each other in ages nor had we visited at length as we did yesterday. I walked away from that visit both feeling validated and saddened at the same time. Validated that someone else… Continue reading “What will the neighbors think?”


Secrets! We all have them! We all are carries of the secrets. But how many of us are able to make the decision to stop doing so? I have decided that I will have #secretsnomore !! I carried them for many years…only to end up bruised, battered, and almost beaten down to where I could… Continue reading #secretsnomore

Who You Are!

You are ‘nobody’s’ anything but you are God’s everything!     When others doubt your abilities, your functions, your dreams….that’s your cue to change the channel, to turn the dial, to tune them out. You were created for great things! God doesn’t make junk! You are beautiful in His eyes! He is watching over you… Continue reading Who You Are!

Overcoming Stinkin’ Thinkin’ in 3 Steps

Have you ever  had days where you seem to wrestle with some unseen force just to barely keep your head above water? It’s almost like some giant hand is trying ever so hard to push you under the water! Have you felt surely that you were gonna drown in the depths of despair? Have you… Continue reading Overcoming Stinkin’ Thinkin’ in 3 Steps