Warrior Rising Up

Some days are better than others. Listen to your heart. Listen for your voice for it’s in there waiting to be released! Never allow anyone to put you down or cause you to doubt your own worth! You really are a force to be reckoned with! You are a #warriorrisingup Have a wonderfully beautiful day!!Continue reading “Warrior Rising Up”

Warriors Against Child Abuse

She struggled upon rising. Her heart was so heavy. Decisions to be made with no clear direction. Standing there on the craggy mountain top backed up against the hard rock face she had just a wee bit of protection from the fierce wind that whipped about. It was here she sought internal restoration. It wasContinue reading “Warriors Against Child Abuse”

Ristrictions No More

She allowed her fingers to gently skim the surface of the glistening pool slightly distorting her image that briefly reflected back at her. The water, cool and wet, beckoned her to enter into its murky depths enticing her to cast off forever the restrictions that had been placed around her many years ago. She feltContinue reading “Ristrictions No More”