Winter Storm Blues

Stuck inside today! Freezing temperatures outside. Right now, it’s a whole 0, zero! Not sure about the wind chill, but it’s terribly cold! So, I chose to be productive in other ways. I’ve been working to finish book 3 in my Secret series, Secrets Revealed. I’ve also started on book 4, Secrets Unraveled, but I… Continue reading Winter Storm Blues

Where’s a good hot flash when ya need one?

Up until the last year or so I made it through winter fairly well….due in part to the blissful hot flashes I’d have. Listen, if you’ve ever had one you so understand where I’m coming from! But now….oh no!! Now…what I’d give for just one good ole hot-flash! This year in our part of Kentucky… Continue reading Where’s a good hot flash when ya need one?

Cold Winter Memories: #mentalhealthmatters

It snowed here last night. Oh, not much! Just a skiff or as a reporter for our local paper has been known to say, “Just a rabbit tracker!” Well, maybe so but I aint gettin’ out there trackin anything! Baby, it’s cold outside! For some reason seeing the snow and listening to the wind blowing… Continue reading Cold Winter Memories: #mentalhealthmatters