Is that me as I peer through the mist?

Today…right now…the rain is beating furiously against the sides of the house…pelting the windows as if somehow trying to break inside. I know it can’t yet for some reason the sheet force of the rain compels my thoughts to a land far away.

I can almost see through the mist that rises with the down-falling rain a white washed cottage with a brown thatched roof. I can barely make out a bit of smoke that exits out the wet chimney top. There too the wind is whooping up a gale.

Moving about the cottage I find my fingers gliding ever so gently over the surface of the wooden counter top feeling the various indentions from many years of use.

The large family table has welcomed many around its expanse during times of leanness and feast.

I quickly turn when I hear the popping of a steady flaming fire in the large fireplace. Its warmth coaxes me to approach with hands outstretched in anticipation of its offering of warmth.

I glance at my surroundings then noticing a side table beside a comfortable stuffed chair. There on the table is a fresh pot of tea with warm biscuits, a small jar of honey, a bowl of fresh butter and a jar of homemade jam waiting for me to enjoy.

I realize how famished I am. I sit in the chair quietly remove my boots and hear an unexpected breath of air escape my lungs. I did not realize I’d been holding my breath.

Pouring a cup of tea in the brown earthen mug I add a bit of honey. Leaning back against the soft firmness of the chair I again exhale a long breath.

How I came to be here I am not sure.

I turn slightly to my right noticing through the clouded window that darkness has now surely settled over the little cottage.

I look around finding no sign of a clock so I can not know for sure what time it really is. I somehow sense that I had at one time a device that would tell time as well as used for communicate but my mind seems a bit muddled for I cannot recall what it’s called, nor where it’s at now.

I move in the chair as I slather a still warm biscuit with butter and fresh jam. Slowly savoring the flavors in my mouth I almost giggle when I hear my tummy rumble. Goodness I’m not even sure when I last ate.

After enjoying several biscuits I refill my mug with the delightful tea. I must find out what it’s made from for the taste is heavenly. Watching the flickering of the leaping flames brings on a cozy safe feeling.

For the first time I allow myself to absorb my surroundings. There is an old world feel in this little cottage. I notice numerous handcrafted throws over the sofa and some stacked in a large basket. Their colors are stunning.

There is a large set of old shelves backed up along the wall on my left. I see many bottles of all sizes with various colors gazing back at me. Dried herbs hang from the exposed rafters.

I am amazed that I have stumbled upon this quaint cottage. I feel very peaceful here and strangely, a deep belonging.

Suddenly I must find a bathroom and pray I don’t have to go outside for the storm coming in off the sea has grown even more fierce.

No. I find a lovely bathroom complete with a huge clawfoot tub just under a large window with lace curtains shielding me from the outside.

I wash my hands and spy a long door suddenly curious at what it may be hiding. Slowly opening it as if I might get in trouble for snooping, I gasp at what I find within.

There inside are the softest towels I’ve ever felt. I spy various jars of creams and such. Delicate items I could enjoy right after a long soak in the tub.

And hanging on the back of the old wooden white door is a lovely soft robe waiting to glide on over my body.

I turn and spot a walk in shower and know exactly what I need to do. Lightening flashes bright across the darkened sky for a brief moment lighting up the outer world around me. But it is too brief for me to be able to make any images out through the lace.

Stopping and leaving my clothes in a puddle on the grey tile floor I step into the shower letting the hot water beat the tension from my shoulders.

After toweling off, I search for just the right scented lotion and body powder to use then slide into the warm welcoming robe.

The shower has warmed me up so I decide to go exploring. I step into a small but efficient room and gasp at the wall hugging shelves filled with so many books. In front of a window is a writing desk complete with a new laptop and printer. I notice all my favorite colored highlighters and sticky note paper. Oh my!

I save the bedroom for last. I am not sure at all what may be behind the old wooden door. I push it open ever so slowly hearing the soft grown from the old hinges.

I am not disappointed. A rather large bed sits directly across from a fireplace. A fire has been lit and is casting a soft glow about the room. I am beyond pleased that I will be sleeping in this room. Colors that greet my eyes are soothing to my tired and wounded soul.

I suddenly realize how very drained I am. I make my way over to the bed and gently pull back the light blue down comforter. I slowly remove the robe and lay down. I allow myself a long sigh as the coolness of the sheets greets my warm skin.

In no time at all I am asleep. Blessed sleep. Healing sleep.

Strangely I fo not sense the shadows that have moved closer to the cottage.

For now I sleep.

By pamelarichardswoodall

Wife to my amazing soulmate, author, visionary, business owner, enjoying life adventures, a survivor of many forms of abuse.

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