Winter Storm Blues

Stuck inside today!

Freezing temperatures outside. Right now, it’s a whole 0, zero! Not sure about the wind chill, but it’s terribly cold!

So, I chose to be productive in other ways.

I’ve been working to finish book 3 in my Secret series, Secrets Revealed. I’ve also started on book 4, Secrets Unraveled, but I won’t push that much until I publish # 3!

Already have chili planned for supper. It’s a grand time for a good bowl of chile.

Last night was a bit of a struggle for me…no; allow me to be very honest! It was flat-out hard! I hate the wind! Well, when it blows and howls really loud!

In May 2011, I lived in Joplin, Mo, when an EF 5 tornado ripped the city apart! Standing there at the backdoor of the church, I remember thinking, ‘Oh gracious! This is a very evil storm, and there’s not a thing I can do about it!’ And nope! There wasn’t!

I remember rushing all those in church downstairs to the basement, where we huddled together using candles to chase the darkness away. It was late afternoon and shoulda been full daylight but wasn’t! The eerie howling of the wind was something I’d never heard before nor since! Something I don’t wanta hear again either!

I’m thankful Abba kept us safe from harm!

And I’m thankful He kept us safe last night!

Now, the wind has settled down a bit though it’s still bitterly cold!

We knew ahead of the event that bad weather was heading our way. We’ve prepared with warm heat and battery/solar-powered lanterns. Also, planned activities and crafts to keep me occupied.

Have just a tad bit more to do before publishing my book.
And can always work on book 4.
Have ministry work to do.
Decluttering the office and filing.
And have cooking to do.

Always good to stay busy!

I’m not cut out to be a cold-weather gal!
I need me some 70-degree weather!

Anyway….y’all have a warm and safe day!

Be grateful for what you have, for it could always be worse!

And by all means, remember to check on neighbors if possible.
Take care of outdoor animals.

We have two guard dogs that stay out, both part Huskey. They love the cold weather. They have insulated houses to get in, and we take them food and water throughout the day. They are well-loved!

Blessings to all during this challenging time.

What are you doing to stay busy?

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By pamelarichardswoodall

Wife to my amazing soulmate, author, visionary, business owner, enjoying life adventures, a survivor of many forms of abuse.

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